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"Cora is a lovely trainer! She knows her stuff and is kind to both people and dogs. I have gone through a CGC class with her and it was awesome! Both of my dogs have their CGC cert and they were tested by Cora.

I would recommend anyone needing guidance with their dog’s behavior to work with Cora!"  -- Brit Campbell

"This past summer we needed help with our female Newfoundland, Hannah. Blind at age 2 she quickly learned to get around like a pro. However at age 5 she had surgery on her back leg necessitating the use of a ramp to our SUV. She adamantly refused to use it, and since we travel a lot it became a huge problem and we were becoming increasingly frustrated!  Cora came to our house and worked with various methods to coax her to go up the ramp.  She was so kind and patient with our sweet-tempered but stubborn Newfoundland and offered tons of wonderful advice.  Cora very quickly had Hannah going up the ramp and we can’t thank her enough for all her help. It was a very positive experience and would highly recommend Cora."   -- Carolyn  Shepherd

Pet Portraits


Canines and Cats are Cosmic Messengers

This portrait is of Brownie, a long time friend.  If you are interested in a Pet Portrait, click on  'More' and see Animal Art and poster.

DogsLove2Train is dedicated to enhance and strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Our pledge is to make your dog your special friend, a well-mannered family member, a good citizen in your community as well as staying happy and healthy.
Felines train well and they love training.


The Perfect Head Start

As an American Kennel Club Certified  Evaluator,

  here are the group classes offered:

  • Puppy  Kindergarten Courses socialize and train lifelong skills for puppies up  to  7 months.
  • Beginner Obedience classes gives your canine the foundation skills to move forward to CGC and Therapy Dog.
  • Canine Good Citizen Course offers lifelong skills and a deeper insight into how you can be a successful dog handler.
  • Urban Canine  takes you both to a local shopping mall  for real life training.
  • Dog Lovers' Workshop combines Canine Massage, Stretching and yoga for you and fun training tips.
  • AKC Tricks classes  deepen the bond and give  creative  and fun training  for you to "show off" their skills.
  • Private training sessions.


Fulfillment...yours and theirs.

As a certified trainer and behaviorist, I am passionate about canine potential and bringing wonder into your life with your canine. We will work out pricing to fit your budget.

  • Private training
  • Purchasing one month (one per week) of Private trainings gives you one free photo shoot and a Furever photo album.

Training price can vary, depending on mileage and goals. Call for details.

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