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Dogs Love 2 Train

Private, positive dog training
Yogi-Dog classes
AKC Canine Courses

Dogs Love 2 Train

Private, positive dog training
Yogi-Dog classes
AKC Canine Courses

Phone: 561 809-2432



Phone: 561 809-2432


American Kennel Club


About Us

Canines and Cats are Cosmic Messengers


DogsLove2Train is dedicated to enhance and strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Our pledge is to make your dog your special friend, a well-mannered family member, a good citizen in your community as well as staying happy and healthy.
Felines train well too. They love training.

The Perfect Head Start


As an American Kennel Club Certified  Evaluator, here are the group classes offered:

Urban Canine

 Puppy  Kindergarten Courses socialize and train lifelong skills for puppies up to one year of age. 

 Canine Good Citizen Course offers lifelong skills and a deeper insight into how you can be a successfull dog handler.

  Dog Lovers' Workshop combines Canine Massage, Stretching and yoga for you and fun training tips.

Plus, private training sessions. 

Fulfillment...yours and theirs.


As a certified trainer and behaviorist, I am passionate about canine potential and bringing wonder into your life with your canine. We will work out pricing to fit your budget.

~Private training

~Purchasing one month (one per week) of Private trainings gives you one FREE     photo shoot,

Training price can vary, depending on mileage and goals. Call for details.

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